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1. What problem are we solving?

Microfinance lenders in Subsaharan Africa serve the over 90% of consumers and SMEs who are not covered by credit bureaus.
These Clients are considered high-risk and have been unintentionally excluded due to Traditional credit underwriting practices.

2. What is our innovation?

Cladfy's proprietary software is replacing the outdated underwriting processes and leveraging the opportunity of new, alternative data sources for loan origination, loan-book management and bridging access to new lines of credit from various markets

3. Who can use Cladfy's Solutions?

We designed our tools for Loan Officers, Credit Risk Managers/committee and Direct Integrations with core-banking systems.
We work with telco companies, lenders and other credit product providers for the best services and experiences

4. What are our Company's values?

    • People First
    • Build Bridges, not Walls
    • Play as a Team, Win as a Team
    • Pursue Growth and Learning
    • We Create and Innovate
    • We are True to Self

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