Our Impact in Action

Leveraging the power of alternative data and collaboration to drive economic prosperity for millions of informal businesses across subsaharan Africa!

Finance for Progress

Available, Accessible, and Affordable Finance enables entrepreneurship, improves standards of living, and increases contributions to economic growth.

Impact Focus Areas
impact to Informal Businesses
Informal Traders
Empower informal traders to expand their businesses, improve their product offerings, and increase their income, enabling them to better support themselves and their families.

impact to women
Affordable financing helps women with the necessary resources to start or expand their own businesses, which can help to empower them economically, increase their independence, and improve their overall quality of life.

impact to Healthcare
Enable individuals to pay for medical expenses and access necessary healthcare services, which can ultimately improve their health outcomes and overall well-being.

impact on climate
Helping farmers to invest in equipment, purchase high-quality seeds and fertilizers, and improve their farming techniques, ultimately increasing their crop yields, improving their income, and promoting food security in their communities.

impact to gig workers
Gig workers
Enable access to the much-needed capital to invest in their businesses, purchase assets or supplies, and expand their operations, hence increasing their earning potential and improving their financial stability

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